We run a restaurant and farmshop on the ground floor as part of Villa Huno where guests can enjoy quality coffee, taste delicious local products, or buy a selection of products to take home. The shop situated in the restaurant sells a tasty selection of organic grass-fed beef from the estate’s own Hereford cattle which have been grazing in the hilly pasture of eastern Møn all year long.

All kinds of cuts, sausages, and other specialties are on offer. It is important for us to maintain the unique and unrivalled nature found here at Møns Klint, and at the same time safeguard sustainable and modern agriculture. Møn is home to many skilled and innovative food producers and we are proud to offer their products in our small, cozy restaurant and shop.



Møns Klint is home to a rare habitat that requires the care of grazing animals. For more than 150 years, grazing cattle have served as the perfect nature conservationists. With their help we have managed to preserve 18 of Denmark’s 45 orchid species flourishing in the beautiful natural landscape as well as Denmark’s only population of the beautiful Large Blue; a butterfly living in curious symbiosis with an equally rare species of ant with the Latin name Myrmica sabuleti.

The list of exceptional animals and plants in the landscape is long. The cattle provide an absolutely indispensable service in caring for this rare habitat, and we are proud to be safeguarding it.

For us, it’s about using our land wisely whilst at the same time taking care of the climate. That is why we make sure that our livestock only eat grass which can even make the meat CO2 negative. Well-managed livestock is the key to producing healthier soils, help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and store it in the ground if the livestock follows a grazing plan and the herd is moved onto a different acre of grass every day.

It is called ‘holistic grazing management’. We are very pleased that our work creates and maintains invaluable biodiversity and nature, sustainable farming and CO2 negative meat.