Welcome to Villa Huno Møns Klint. Our restaurant, hotel, glamping, and lakeside bath are situated in the unique scenery of the eastern part of Møn. Here, we grow our own apple grove and other fruit trees and bushes while we nourish and look after the vegetable garden belonging to the restaurant where our chefs go to pick up freshly cut herbs and vegetables. On 350 hectares of land, our organic Hereford cattle are grazing freely and in commune with nature and are thus contributing to the general maintenance of the terrain of eastern Møn. Over generations and still today, tourism has been a part of the journey of Klintholm Estate and has always focused on creating unique overnight accommodations close by Møns Klint.


Today, we embrace sustainability where we can. This will be noticed through the gastronomic delight in the restaurant. Ongoingly, we wish to improve our facilities to make sure we are preserving the spectacular and wild nature our guests and we find ourselves in.


We wish you a great and memorable stay.


Carl Gustav & Inger Marie Scavenius



We believe in the green way through our own and local ingredients. A symphony of food from the vegetable garden combined with wild fruits of the season from the nature of eastern Møn. With local specialities, ingredients, and our very own gardens. Our Hereford meat comes from our own grazing cattle, which build on our philosophy regarding the preservation of nature.


With a panoramic view of the lake Huno, the largest lake in Møn, Villa Huno Boutique Hotel is located in the impressive nature of the eastern parts of Møn near Møns Klint. The hotel consists of eight unique apartments each with their own kitchen, toilet, bath, and a terrace or balcony with a view of the lake.


Villa Huno Glamping and Lakeside bath where comfort and luxury meet nature and idyll.
Experience the authentic nature from a glamping tent. Villa Huno glamping takes the guests into the nature and brings the nature inside. With Villa Huno glamping, our guests and visitors can get really close to the nature of east Møn by directly stepping outside onto the soft soil and the long grass.



Villa Huno is located in the worth-visiting nature of east Møn, near Møns Klint. Here, our restaurant and hotel, with a panoramic view of the biggest lake in Møn, is located. The lake of Huno and Villa Huno are fringed with century old beech woods which stretches through the rolling hills and deep vales. With its modern square shape and natural tree lining, which seems painted into the scenery, the building stands. A wild and variegated nature as known in east Møn. A visit at Villa Huno is a unique and timeless destination which unfolds distinctive adventure throughout all the seasons as a result of the picturesque location with views of both land and lake. An atmosphere that is reflected from outside to indoors in both restaurant and hotel – Here, the elements of nature and the modern, Nordic minimalism melt together.


Villa Huno, restaurant and hotel is established by Klintholm Estate in the spring of 2019 by the estate owners Carl Gustav Scavenius and Inger Marie Kirketerp Scavenius. With the vision of creating a timeless space with room for immersion, liberty, and a haven in the heart of the nature of east Møn.





Restaurant Villa Huno is deeply rooted in and characterised by a high quality in craftsmanship. With our focus on simple courses, our kitchen allows the separate ingredients to speak for themselves through a tasting experience which embraces the value of using our own and local ingredients from Møn. The kitchen is based on its unique placement and history and believes in seasonal menus. Here, we embrace organic food and a biodynamic approach where it is possible. We believe in the green way through our own and local ingredients. A symphony of greens from our vegetable garden and the seasonal wild fruits from the nature of east Møn. With local specialities as dairy from Hårbølle, apples from the farm Rytzebæk, and our own gardens. Our Hereford meat comes from 100 percent grazing cattle which is in line with our philosophy regarding the preservation of nature. Villa Huno explores and follows the development of quality conscious nature wines as an ensemble for our gastronomy. Our selection of nature wines builds on the ideology that high quality goes hand in hand with the value of ruining as little of nature as possible.


Seasonal menu & temptations

The nature wine sommerlier’s recommendations

Brasserie campfire by Huno lake

Dark Sky Park Møns Klint



The new chef Rasmus Møller Nielsen is going to put together the vegetables of the season with a focus on our own and local ingredients for the restaurant Villa Huno Møns Klint


Rasmus Møller Nielsen is raised in the countryside in a family where a good homemade meal was a natural part of everyday life. Here, slaughtering pigs, making different types of preserved goods, baking, and plucking berries and fruit were part of everyday life. These are all experiences which impacted Rasmus into choosing a career as a chef. A long career, that has played out at a number of ground-breaking restaurants – the likes of Søllerød Kro, Restaurant Pierre Andre and of course 18 years as head chef of Salt at the Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen.


‘My passion is food and the experiences a good meal can bring out. Experiences which both cover a basic need but also are rewarding culturally, sensuously, and creatively.’ Rasmus Møller Nielsen.
Rasmus believes that a good kitchen is constructed on a fundament of intense flavour, craftsmanship, and balance. Here, the green kitchen is in particular focus through the nuances in the seasonal vegetables which underpins the overall eating experience with the best from both field and ocean. Both as a chef and as a person, Rasmus is inspired by the individual ingredient, the passioned grower, and the surprising eating experience.
In other words – the essence of joy from the meal is an obvious cornerstone in the craftsmanship of Rasmus.


‘We are living in, and through, nature in the kitchen at Villa Huno. That is why the seasons, sustainability, ethics, and quality are natural parameters for the food I want the restaurant to be recognised for and remembered by.’
Rasmus Møller Nielsen


The local principals from farm to table

Rasmus Møller Nielsen places his heart in the local surroundings and definitely believes that the best thing about Møn in particular is the closeness, the locals, and the many volunteers you will find on the island. Even if it is cheese from the dairy of Hårbølle, gin from the Isle of Moen, the Hereford cattle from Klintholm estate, or the honey from the local town, rosehip from the beach, or blackberry from the scrub. Rasmus firmly believes that Møn has it all and is particularly pleased with the short trip from farm to table.


‘I look forward to working with the local ingredients and build many more relations to – and learn from – the many different farmers. I believe that the freshness, the quality of ingredients and the short distance from farm to table will be prominent in the individual courses with an obvious signature of Møn. The food must have a recognisable factor which do not always needs to be pointed out – both during a larger evening menu, a more modest lunch meal, or perhaps a long table dinner in the spirits of togetherness.’ Rasmus Møller Nielsen




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